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January 3, 2018

2018 Goal Setting Process (with my actual goals!)


I’m not sure what it is I love so much about a new year but I JUST LOVE THE FRESH START. It’s one of the reasons I secretly love Mondays and mornings too. It’s the beginning. The start. You get to set the mood. I’ve been up since 6AM this morning working on my 2018 mood board, setting goals and then setting specific tactics to get those goals. Breaking big goals down into smaller goals makes them seem so, so much easier to me so I thought maybe it may help some other people too.


I put on some jams and brainstormed some action WORDS that I want to bring into 2018 with me. Here they are in the order I wrote them: WERK! speak up. ENGAGE. CREATE. INVEST. build. put legacy over currency. self/health. make systems.


Like any visual person, I created a Pinterest board as a visual representation of my 2018 word cloud. You can visit the link and I’ve put some below 🙂

**if you’re going to build something it might as well be on a neon pink ladder AMIRITE?!



Writing out the GOALS. Here is how I breakdown my goal “buckets” lets call them.


  • Book 20 weddings for 2018 season (I’ve booked 7 so just 13 more to go!)
  • Hire and mentor an intern
  • Produce 5 personal creative shoots
  • Create workflow systems



  • Engage more directly with my audience
  • Speak at 5 industry event or conferences



  • Exercise 3x a week
  • Run my second half-marathon
  • Stop suppressing who I am, to myself



Okay now we get nitty gritty. Because now I’m going to make smaller bites that will be easier to chew on a daily/weekly basis to get to my goal for the year.


  • Book 20 weddings for 2018 season (I’ve booked 7 so just 13 more to go!)
    • Make client experience my constant #1 priority. This is how referrals happen
    • Continue to network with other like-minded vendors in DC. Relationships are everything
    • Re-run Facebook & Instagram ads that have worked and continue to test new ones
  • Hire and mentor an intern
    • Scheduled intern interviews for this week! (I’m lucky I had a few people reach out to me about the opportunity before I could post about it, thank you universe)
    • Help hired intern create goals and guide him/her towards them within internship
  • Produce 4 personal creative shoots
    • Concept and produce one personal shoot per season
    • Collaborate with like-minded vendors to keep myself accountable
    • Put tentative dates on calendars with reminders to start planning
  • Create workflow systems
    • Polish client lead funnel and experience
    • Make content publication checklist
    • Improve current photo backup and exporting workflow



  • Engage more directly with my audience
    • Speak direct to camera at least 1x per week
    • Leave thoughtful comments on other accounts daily (tip: whenever I get bored with what I’m doing or am stuck in line somewhere, this is what I do!)
    • Answers ALL DMs same day
  • Speak at 5 industry event or conferences
    • Schedule coffee meetings with conference and event leaders at least 2x per month
    • Volunteer within business event industry
    • Send cold emails to industry conference leaders to speak for free/experience



  • Continue to exercise 3x a week
    • At least 1 run outside per week
    • At least 1 strength circuit per week
    • At least 1 yoga/recovery/stretching activity per week
  • Run my second half-marathon
    • Sign up for 2nd half by February 15th
    • Start training now to improve time
  • Stop suppressing who I am, to myself
    • Catch suppressing behaviors/thoughts and change the self-conversation
    • Over communicate to loved ones when I need something or space or need time to work
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  1. Julie says:

    Love your goal making process! You are going to rock 2018 and I cannot wait to work with you more in the new year!

  2. Kaitlyn says:

    Love, love, love this!!! I️ have wanted to get on top of goal setting for myself and my blog, but wasn’t sure where to start!! Totally following your goal setting process!