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Casey Crowe Taylor


A Simple and Effective Instagram Hashtag Strategy



Digital marketer. Proud girl mom. Ex-fashion PR girl. Peloton cult member. Habit stacking addict. Obsessed with growth: businesses, flowers, personal.




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Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for getting yourself in front of your ideal audience and connecting with them. The best way to do that? By having an Instagram hashtag strategy that works.

Instagram hashtags are not mysterious!

Let’s dive into some of the best tips for choosing the right hashtags on Instagram and increasing your engagement.

1) Vary Your Hashtags

Don’t copy and paste the exact same hashtags on every post. If you do that, you’ll just be put in front of the same people all the time. You’ll never really find a new audience! If you have multiple sets of hashtags that you use, that is fine, but you really do want to change them up quite a bit.

2) Find the Best Hashtags to Use

When it comes to finding the best hashtags to use, you need to first do some hashtag research. Use the instagram search bar. Once you find a really great relevant hashtag to use, look at the top posts for that hashtag – what other hashtags are they using?

You’ll want to look at the amount of posts per hashtag when doing your research.

Ideally, for each post you should be using:

  • 1-2 large hashtags that have a million-plus count
  • 10-15 medium hashtags (usually under 500k)
  • 1-3 super niche hashtags (under 10,000)

Some other hashtag tips for Instagram:

  • Hashtag specific locations and styles of locations that fit your post / photo
  • Make sure the hashtags are relatable and specific to your post

3) Engage on Instagram

After you post an image, choose 2-3 hashtags to look at and like and comment on at least 3 photos. Engage with people within that hashtag and make some connections!

Engaging is key to your success on Instagram, as well as using the right hashtags for growth.

Do you struggle with social media and finding the right hashtags to use? I’d love to chat and hear what you are struggling with. I also offer Instagram strategy sessions where we can get you on the right track more in-depth with a 90-day action plan!

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Digital marketer. Proud girl mom. Ex-fashion PR girl. Peloton cult member. Habit stacking addict. 

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