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Casey Crowe Taylor


How to Be Your Own Publicist



Digital marketer. Proud girl mom. Ex-fashion PR girl. Peloton cult member. Habit stacking addict. Obsessed with growth: businesses, flowers, personal.




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What even is Public Relations? Scandals? Spinsters? Party people? Wizardry and magic spells? And why does it matter for small businesses?

Let’s discuss. What is public relations? PR is simply the public image and perception of your company, your “reputation” in more plain terms. It’s an essential part of running a business that is totally separate from marketing and advertising. PR is the earned trust and likability from the public which is pretty important in any business but especially in the service industry.

If you’re a small biz owner like me, that likely means you have to be your own publicist. Lucky for me, I brought 7 years of PR expertise to entrepreneurship and lucky for you, I’m sharing my top 3 PR tips for small business right here in this blog post.


And do it often. It feels weird and awkward at first but establishing trust and likability as the business owner will go far in spreading awareness about your brand, your brand messaging and making that personal connection with potential clients and customers. Need some ideas? Talk about why you started your business. Talk about your favorite part about running your business. Talk about a recent win you had with your company.


PR leans heavy on networking and making genuine connections with your community. The biggest key to networking is to be genuine and not reach out to someone just because you want something. Meet new people for coffee, you never know when you might really hit it off with a new florist who becomes your friend and refers thousands of dollars worth of business to you each year. Oh hey @rockingbirdflowerco!


AKA social proof. What people are saying about you and your product is the epitome of what PR is so make sure you have a system for asking for and receiving client testimonials and reviews. And remember, an unhappy client tells 7 more people about their experience than a happy client. Make sure you handle unhappy clients with a lot of understanding and grace or you could wind up in a pretty serious PR nightmare.

Want more? I discuss way more about how you can be your own publicist in the below podcast episode. In addition to the above I discuss how to create an army of brand ambassadors, the importance of following up and how to handle negative reviews or press like a PR pro. Listen below!

Was this helpful? Do you have more questions on PR for small businesses? Click here to get in touch. Or let me know in the comments here or hit me up in the DMs on Instagram!

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Digital marketer. Proud girl mom. Ex-fashion PR girl. Peloton cult member. Habit stacking addict. 

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