The Fourth Trimester is REAL and it is TOUGH. There is just so much newness, so much learning on the go – it’s the most overwhelming thing I’ve ever done. I wish I found an article like this while I was going through it, so I wrote it in hopes that other mamas can relate and we can change some narratives about having a baby. Especially the sleep one – it’s so old and boring, AMIRITE?!

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About the First Year of Motherhood

One year with our Margaux Jane. It went as fast as they said it would but I still remember the days and weeks that felt like slow motion. From birth, Margaux was alert and observant and those traits have only blossomed over this past year. She is fiercely independent and carefully curious. She is silly […]

One Year of Margaux Jane

The top tips for new moms who are traveling out of the country with their baby. Plus a Free Baby Packing List!

Tips for Traveling out of the Country with a 1 Year Old Baby

DISCLAIMERS: Margaux’s sleep: Margaux has been sleeping 10-11 hours a night since she was 10 weeks old. After a few adjustment days for time difference, she went right back to her normal sleeping habits. My favorite sleep resources are Taking Cara Babies and Full Feedings. I follow the Moms on Call eat/sleep/play schedule according to […]

Traveling Internationally with a Baby: Flying, Packing, Jet Lag & more…