Kimberly Rose Pendleton PhD is a sexual empowerment coach and expert on feminism, sexuality, sexual healing, and the #metoo movement. Kimberly believes in working to create a world where every woman’s sexuality, spirituality, safety & security are prioritized. With courses, coaching & resources, Kimberly helps clients rewrite their stories and patterns with love, sex, relationships […]

Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton – on Self Trust, Being in Flow + Power in Pleasure

What even is Public Relations? Scandals? Spinsters? Party people? Wizardry and magic spells? And why does it matter for small businesses? Let’s discuss. What is public relations? PR is simply the public image and perception of your company, your “reputation” in more plain terms. It’s an essential part of running a business that is totally […]

How to Be Your Own Publicist

Taylor Torres is from Houston, TX and prides herself on knowing her way around Houston like the back of her hand, including all the best margarita and queso joints. Taylor started her photography business at 16 years old and now runs her marketing agency Chanel & Lee at just 24 years old. I first met […]

Taylor Torres Interview – Starting Over, Divorce + Client Relations

Grace Troutman is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Iowa. She has a deep love for the West Coast and made the move after college to soak up the California sun and eat all the burritos. She now calls Iowa home again with her husband and daughter Pfeiffer. She’s got a love for travel, […]

Grace Troutman Interview – Authenticity, Failure + Motherhood

I finally hit publish on the podcast I’ve been planning to launch since this time last year. The Rulebreaker Podcast. Except the first episode looks a lot different after 2020. My goal for this podcast is to help and encourage you to make your own rules and so that you can live YOUR dream life […]

The Rulebreaker Podcast – Victoria’s Secret Exposé + Making My Own Rules