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September 8, 2020

Grace Troutman Interview – Authenticity, Failure + Motherhood


Grace Troutman is a wedding and elopement photographer based in Iowa. She has a deep love for the West Coast and made the move after college to soak up the California sun and eat all the burritos. She now calls Iowa home again with her husband and daughter Pfeiffer. She’s got a love for travel, she’s a business educator and an Instagram rockstar. Seriously you guys, if you’re not following her, run don’t walk!

I love this conversation with Grace so much. She is just as down to earth as she is on Instagram. Grace and had babies days apart and I have so enjoyed connecting with her as we both navigated the first year of motherhood and business owners.

Grace has a real talent for story telling and connection through authenticity and I actually asked her about her exact process in this interview which I think will really help people know how to navigate being vulnerable in a public space while staying real.

We also talk failure (my most favorite topic) and how it’s the biggest and best teacher. Really, learning to fail is just a muscle you need to build. The more things you fail at and survive, the easiest it becomes to leap when you really want to go for something.

We also chat through one of the most difficult things to do as a new mom….ask for help. I loved when Grace said this:

Anyway, do yourself a huge favor and listen to and enjoy this episode of the Rulebreaker Podcast.

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