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March 30, 2018

How I Prep for a Wedding & What’s in My Wedding Bag


Hey guys! So yesterday I did an Instagram LIVE and the video uploaded all kinds of crazy BUT I saved the video to my phone and that one is NORMAL – yay! So, I thought I’d make it a blog post and then you’ll have links to everything as well, yippee!

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Alright let’s start with how I take care of myself the week before a wedding. I want to premise this with the fact that I am very serious about the responsibility I take on to photograph this momentous day in people’s lives. I do not mess around with that. Shooting a wedding for 8-12 hours is A LOT on the bod so I really go extra on taking care of myself during wedding season. And because I love the digestible format of bullet points, see below:

  • Eat extra fruits & veggies
  • Drink lotssss of water
  • NO intense resistance workouts less than 4 days before a wedding. This is because I don’t want my flexibility or mobility to be an issue, I need to move freely and not be worried about sore muscle.
  • I’ll do cardio, light weights (like a barre video) and yoga to keep my muscles flexible and strong
  • NO alcohol the entire day before a wedding. I sleep better and feel better
  • I also will cut back on alcohol in general the entire week.

Okay so as far as mental prep, as strange as it sounds, I am very intentional about this. I work with my clients on building their wedding day timeline from the first time we speak. I also ask about specific/special relationships the couple has with friends or family (i.e., the Maid of Honor is the bride’s BFF from kindergarten, the groom Face Times with his grandmother most nights, etc.) and I make a note of these people and make it a priority to have the bride and groom point these people out to me ASAP so I can look for those special interactions. Immediately after their engagement session, I will make notes in their client file (I use & LOVEE Dubsado) about their general demeanor, what poses worked and didn’t work and I review this the week of their wedding so I know how to direct and guide them the day of. I LOVE this because we’ve worked the kinks out prior to their big day. I will also make a mini mood board with some (5-10) creative shots I’d like to try that day with the couple that vibe with their personalities and style.


DO YOU WANT MORE BEHIND THE SCENES CONTENT? Sign up for my newsletter for lots of #realtalk, nitty gritty tactics and zero spam. 

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