instagram strategy session

crafting brand stories


hashtag research

60 minute session

pre-session questionnaire

What's included?



one time payment of $250

In addition, you'll get a recording of you session so you can revisit any time you need with an action plan outline to seal the deal.

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"When I sat down to talk with Casey, I hoped I'd get one or two ideas to get me running in the right direction, but I was FLOORED AT HER WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE she had about branding, pricing, workflow, client relations, and just real honesty when it came to how she built her business. She put it all out on the table for me, and when I left our time together I no longer felt like I was stabbing around in the dark. I felt hopeful and EXCITED FOR THE FUTURE OF MY BUSINESS. If you're considering Casey as a mentor, you should absolutely do it. You and your business will be better for it." 

- Emily

what my clients are saying...

"If you are thinking about starting a business or leaving your job to turn your side hustle into your full-time gig, YOU MUST WORK WITH CASEY. She is incredibly knowledgeable and will help give you a concrete action plan for making your wildest dreams come true. She is incredibly understanding when it comes to starting your business, but she also pushes you PAST YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS you have about yourself or your goals. I cannot recommend working with her enough. You will WISH YOU STARTED WORKING WITH HER EARLIER."

- Lindsey

"The main reason I sought out Casey for coaching was due to her fast growth in the wedding photography industry. Casey is always willing to provide feedback that is constructive, uplifting and helpful. When I was up in the air about going full-time, Casey was the one who ultimately pushed me to take the leap and I CAN'T BE MORE THANKFUL for her for that. I highly recommend coaching with her if you are looking to TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!" 

- Brooke

"I just finished the Intentional Instagram course and it is phenomenal. I tend to shy away from marketing education because it makes me feel bad for not doing things the "right way". What I loved most, is that you were SO FRIENDLY. I could feel that you were coming from a genuine place and you made it easy to take action. Before this course, I was wasting an hour every day fooling around on Instagram without a solid plan. Thank you for helping me see I just needed a system and a strategy.”-

- Tori

You will contact me - YAY. We will figure out together what session is best for you and then get you on my schedule! Immediately after scheduling, you'll get your pre-meeting questionnaire so I can pre-plan out your session. Your session will be recorded and sent to you to keep. After, you'll get a strategy, action plan document and a personal cheerleader (me!). 

How do the sessions work?

I am very confident you will walk away from our session feeling inspired and empowered to reach above and beyond your business goals. Because I spend so much time researching and planning out your session, I cannot offer refunds, but if you're not happy with your initial session, we can see if you're eligible for complimentary follow up call.

What if I'm not happy with my session? can i get a refund?

I spent 7 years in Public Relations and Social Media Marketing for Victoria's Secret, Estée Lauder and Birchbox where I soaked up all the expertise and experience from top leaders in the industry. I've also been a one woman show behind my 4 year old wedding photography and coaching businesses.

What makes me an expert in PR, Marketing and running a biz?

You've got questions, I've got answers.

Well first you need to imagine me doing some fist pumps in the air (I am from Jersey, after all) and then just scroll down and hit the "Book a Session" button and watch out for an email from a very excited me!

okay, i'm ready! how do I book?

I sure do! Do you need helping figuring out your signature editing style? Need a portfolio review?Need help with camera settings or posing?  Want to learn skin retouching in Photoshop? Need help with workflows? My photography business pretty much runs itself at this point and I'd love to help yours do the same.

do you offer coaching sessions specifically for photographers?

I love helping my clients feel confident and empowered in their marketing strategy and systems. I teach my clients how to save time in their business so they can focus on what they love the most. After 4 years of running my own biz I have created systems for administrative work, client communication, financial forecasting and goal making, marketing content creation, email list building, sales funnels and so much more.

What topics do you love to teach?

Do you still have questions? I get it. Private coaching is a huge investment. Let's see if we're a match!

Let's do this!