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Casey Crowe Taylor


The #1 Reason You’re Not Getting Likes or Engagement on Your Instagram Posts



Digital marketer. Proud girl mom. Ex-fashion PR girl. Peloton cult member. Habit stacking addict. Obsessed with growth: businesses, flowers, personal.




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Social media can be tough, but it can also be such a rewarding way to build a community and a genuine audience for your business and work! There is often one main mistake that people are making when it comes to their content on social media. That one mistake is the reason why you’re not getting likes or engagement on your Instagram posts!

Reason You're Not Getting Likes or Engagement on Your Instagram Posts

Wouldn’t it be great to have:

  • hundreds of likes on each post?
  • dozens of insightful comments on every post?
  • tons of people popping into your DMs to send messages and reply to your stories?

What is the number one reason you aren’t getting engagement?

It’s actually quite simple – you aren’t asking for it!

You can’t just publish content without having any way to encourage engagement with you. Get yourself in the mindset of where a CTA (call to action) in your post is an invitation to talk to you and engage with you.

You can include CTA’s in your posts in many different ways, like:

  • Double-tap if you agree!
  • Comment below with any additional tips you might have!
  • What are your favorite choices for wedding flowers? 
  • Are you planning on having a first look on your wedding day? 
  • Are you having any current business struggles? Share them in the comments!

These are all great examples of a call to action within your post where you are actively seeking out engagement and interaction with your audience.

Now, listen, if you’re posting great content, beautiful photos with a CTA, and you still aren’t seeing engagement yet – don’t give up! Do this for at least 6 weeks, preferably 3 months. It will take your audience time to feel comfortable enough to share and engage with you, too! Real, authentic, and organic engagement takes time.

Think about when you meet someone new in person – it takes you a while to feel comfortable and open up with them, right? It’s somewhat similar when it comes to getting your audience to engage and interact with you on social media, too. You need to stay with it long enough that they begin to feel comfortable enough to interact with you!

Instagram Engagement Tip #2:

Don’t forget this part, because it’s just as important as having a great CTA.

When your audience does start engaging with you, you need to engage back with them. Make sure to respond to their comments! You can also reach out to them by sending a DM. You should be focusing on building a community and your social media following. You can’t expect your audience to engage with you if you aren’t willing to engage with them, too.

Instagram Prompts for Wedding Photographers

If you’re still feeling stuck, I’m here to help! You can download a copy of my 30 FREE Instagram prompts for wedding photographers to help you craft the perfect caption and CTA for your audience. I also offer my signature program, a 90-day action plan, which will help you get some clarity and a 90-day roadmap for your business!

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Digital marketer. Proud girl mom. Ex-fashion PR girl. Peloton cult member. Habit stacking addict. 

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