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December 6, 2019

Tips for Traveling out of the Country with a 1 Year Old Baby


Tips for Traveling out of the Country with a 1 Year Old Baby

We traveled to Dublin, Ireland with Margaux last month. She was 11 months then so I’m just rounding up here. But you guys loved my last travel with baby blog so I wanted to make an updated post since it was SO different this time.


My Top Tips for Traveling Out of the Country with a Baby


This is important so I’m going to say it again. You’ve got to have a go with the flow, calm mindset when flying and traveling. I still found that Margaux soaked up whatever energy I was putting out. So, when she lost her sh*t as we landed in Ireland (ears popping and she pooped LOL) I stayed calm and sang to her while she continued to scream. Once I was able to stand – she was fine. Will this work for every baby? Of course not. But having a go with the flow, calm attitude ain’t going to hurt when traveling with your baby. 


I packed WAY LESS this time and loved it. For toys, never underestimate the entertainment power of random things that are just THERE. A stewardess gave Margaux a plastic cup that bought us 30 minutes haha. She also loves paper coasters, cloth napkins, leaves, boarding pass, flight literature, etc.

Get the FULL Minimalist’s Packing List for Traveling with a One Year Old (for free!) right here.

BUT here are my favorite things we packed:

BUCKLES the Penguin – this toy is SO LIGHT and she was determined to figure out the buckles. Such a great one for travel.

Similac On-the-go Formula Packets – I loved having these one time use packets for the flight and our overnight road trip we took down to Cork, Ireland.

Carter’s Fleece Zip PJs – these were so warm and cozy for the cold flights. Also, zips > snaps at this age ESPECIALLY when you are changing diapers in a tiny, tiny airplane bathroom.


ZOHZO Car Seat Travel Bag – This travel bag is amazing for two reasons: 1. IT IS A BACKPACK!! So it makes getting through the airport so much easier and 2. It’s super light but super sturdy.

Baby Jogger City Tour 2 – If you remember from last time, I regretted lugging out Uppababy Vista. This stroller was INSANELY amazing. So light and compact. You can open it up and close it with one hand. It has a recline feature that makes naps on the go easy. I could not believe Margaux actually napped in it for over 30 minutes while we were at a crowded, loud bar.

LiLLebaby Carrier – All Seasons – This carrier saved us on our flights. Margaux would fall asleep for 30-60 minutes at a time in this carrier facing in and it was perfect. She also freaking LOVES facing out when she’s awake. She waves to everyone. I love the small but mighty back support of this one too. I like this much better than the Ergo. 

Kamrette Mina Day Backpack – This is not a baby product at all but I made it one haha. It’s a camera backpack but I made it double as a diaper bag. Because Margaux is older, we don’t need AS much stuff if we go out for a few hours. I could fit one camera, one lens, 3 diapers, wipes, a first aid kit and some books in this. And the side pockets were great for her pacifier or small toys. GENIUS product for a mama who loves to bring her camera everywhere.


  1. Leave when it’s nap time if your baby sleeps well in the car.
  2. I sit in the back with Margaux for any trip over 90 minutes, it’s just easier for both of us. 
  3. Be armed with books and toys. Or if you’re me, water bottles and coasters from random bars LOL


Meals were so much easier this time. One, because I was no longer nursing so I felt like I could enjoy a lot more of being on vacation not worrying about drinking, find a quiet place (M would not nurse in distracting environments) to nurse, boobs filling up, not being able to nurse in the care, no pumping. I LOVED not nursing on this trip. And because Margaux is sitting up, eating and chewing solid foods like a champ, we were able to put her in a highchair and just give her bits of what we were eating. She tried a BUNCH of new foods which was super fun like vegemite on toast, lamb, pumpkin, turkey, salmon and all kinds of cheese including the stinky ones. 

Tips for Traveling out of the Country with a 1 Year Old Baby


The flights. Because she is SO much more mobile, the flight was more challenging but still she just wanted to play most of the time and was happy. So we will take a happy wiggle maniac over a crying cranky baby any day.


Free Packing List for Traveling with a Baby

Get the FULL Minimalist’s Packing List for Traveling with a One Year Old (for free!) right here. 

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