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Essentially, I'm a mixed bag but hey, at least you'll never be bored? But for real, I pride myself on never being what people expect of me and always going above and beyond. If becoming too invested in your clients is a crime then lock me up. Looking for someone who beats around the bullsh*t and gives you straight forward business advice? Your search is finally over. 

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Serial entrepreneur, information addict - that girl you saw on TV.

I am a lot of things but I pride myself on doing them all authentically and being probably too honest? My story is long and the plot twists are many. Want to know my entire story?

Marketing, Consulting & Speaking - oh my!

Come on over to the Services page to discover all the different ways we can work together. Ready to create impactful marketing campaigns? I got you. Need a consult for growth strategy in your business? I do that too. Looking for a stellar podcast guest or speaker at your event? Right this way.

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