My story really starts in July 2015 when I resigned from my dream job in NYC

after experiencing being publicly body shamed by the CMO of Victoria's Secret. I left with no other job lined up and started my own social media consulting business way before social media managers where even a thing. 

Here's what I know after 35 years, the best stuff comes right after the "worst" stuff. Especially when you stay in your integrity.

Leaving my dream job is still one of the hardest experiences I can recall. But being non negotiable on my standards of how people treat me - the easiest decision I've ever made.

In 2016 I entered yet another toxic workplace. In my first week of work, I miscarried my first pregnancy. In a new city. In a new job. After months of crying and commuting in my car - I decided I had to do something. After a few weeks of searching I found a $200 photography class that taught students how to shoot in manual mode. I HAD NO IDEA AT THE TIME that when I sat down for my first class that it would be the first step I took to quit my 9-5, match my corporate salary one year later and lead to a six figure wedding photography business.


I started my own impact strategy + marketing biz while no one was looking - and I wasn't posting.

What started as a need to "not just be a stay at home mom" reignited my passion for storytelling and marketing, specifically for female-led businesses. I dipped my toes by leveraging the network I've worked so hard to build and have built a firm without any front face marketing so far.

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What I'm 


Therapy with BetterHelp, hot mom walks, building a new business, championing for moms, capsule wardrobes, biohacking and pinning DIY home projects I'll outsource to my husband.

What I'm 


How to live with postpartum depression, meditation practices, what's next for marketing, scaling small businesses, how to build my family's wealth and dabbling in playing the guitar.

What I'm 

not about

Unethical business tactics, people who talk the talk (but don't walk the walk), "manifesting" and depending on the "universe", quick fixes or wild claims. Oh, and please never ask me to go hiking šŸ˜‚

what I


We create our own realities. Nothing is given, everything is earned. If you want it and you work for it - it will be yours. YOU hold the key to everything you've ever dreamed of, just don't expect it to magically appear. Show up. Every day.


tres chic



The braver
the luckier   

I get.

I am,

ā€” glennon doyle

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