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Casey Crowe Taylor


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Digital marketer. Proud girl mom. Ex-fashion PR girl. Peloton cult member. Habit stacking addict. Obsessed with growth: businesses, flowers, personal.




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What is BeingFrenshe?

This ritualistic skincare + fragrance brand founded by actor turned wellness guru, Ashley Tisdale, has received praise from blogs and beauty testers alike since its launch in 2020.

The innovative and trendsetting world of BeingFrenshe, a ritualistic skincare and fragrance brand founded by the influential and trailblazing entrepreneur, Ashley Tisdale. Since its launch in 2020, BeingFrenshe has garnered praise from blogs and beauty testers alike. But don’t dismiss it as just another celebrity cash grab. This brand offers a fresh and creative approach to marketing that sets it apart in the industry.

The product line is separated by a scent family and type, but not in the way you would expect. Each scent family caters to a specific need for your mood, whether it be to relax, invigorate, uplift, and more. In contrast to other skincare brands, Being Frenshe urges the consumer to choose the product BASED ON the scent. In an age shifting towards ultra clean beauty and skincare, fragrance has knowingly become less of a priority on a company’s list. Being Frenshe on the other hand embraces this and incorporates what they call “MoodScience” technology. This type of fragrance intends to mimic the benefits you would receive from aromatherapy—hence its “wellness” label. So, what has Ashley Tisdale done that is notable in the marketing and advertising world?

“Each offering is consciously formulated with clean ingredients and rooted in the emotional power of scent, so feeling good is as simple as taking a breath.”

Ashley Tisdale

This “MoodScience” technology showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and creating a visually appealing experience. By incorporating the benefits of aromatherapy into their fragrances, Frenshe aims to enhance the emotional well-being of its customers. Ashley Tisdale, the founder, expresses her dedication to formulating each offering with clean ingredients, emphasizing the power of scent in making us feel good. This approach aligns with the current trendy topic of creating rituals and the wellness-oriented mindset of the modern consumer.

Influential Marketing for the Modern Consumer: Frenshe does more than “fluff.”

As pseudo-professionals in the marketing world, we ultimately understand that the goal of any company is to make profits and sell at the end of the day. However, Tisdale & Being Frenshe beautifully communicates a pathos approach towards product invention. This age, in addition to gaining value, is all about feeling. We embrace the feels, why not have more companies side with that type of ideation?

The Frenshe line influences her mood and creates an extra spark of joy in her everyday life (hoping you will incorporate this same jargon when describing the products, but replace with “me.”) These products are not to be used, but to be “implemented” into consumers daily routine, not to be smelled, but to be inhaled deeply and fervently. The language alone has me sold!

A Holistic Approach to Website Optimization and Customer Experience

My first exposure to the brand was through word-to-mouth advertising (first time I can say that’s worked in WHILE) and I hadn’t taken a look at any social media page or the website itself until researching for the topic of this post. My instant reaction: “It’s a blog?!”

And that’s exactly what she intended.

The second inspiration behind why we love Frenshe for its marketing strategy: the company isn’t a primary place to shop. This landing page became a virtual space to consume content surrounding lifestyle, wellness, beauty, home, women’s health, etc. This website in turn becomes a kind invitation to her philosophy regarding wellness. Then, if you feel as though your own values align, you can learn where to shop (currently only Target). Simply put: structuring the website like a blog and holistic health center makes the whole vibe feel personal. Not to mention, the website design itself is beautiful and serene. This isn’t technically new or innovative with increased attention towards UX/UI design. BUT— it certainly will grab anyone’s attention without much knowledge of the brand.

A key element of BeingFrenshe’s success lies in its thoughtfully designed website, which integrates the aesthetics of a blog and a holistic hub for wellness. Ashley Tisdale intentionally created a virtual space that transcends mere shopping and serves as a virtual hub for lifestyle, wellness, beauty, home, and women’s health content. The website’s serene and beautiful design attracts visitors’ attention, while its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience. This visually appealing and innovative website design captures the essence of BeingFrenshe’s brand philosophy and creates a personalized connection with its audience.

“A community based platform where wellness didn’t have to be complicated, expensive, or inaccessible”

Ashley Tisdale

Done with the Faux-Inclusivity

An element of the space I noticed off the bat was that Frenshe recognizes that other brands exist within the same/similar industry. Not only this, but her and her editors hype them up (and the founders behind them)! As a female founded brand, I would expect no less. One of the most recent blog posts is suggesting what beauty products to buy or have on your radar. This demonstrates that Frenshe is, for lack of better terms: keeping it real. As the website is updated daily, so is it’s attention to brands founded by people of color, of different gender/sexual identities, and even towards men & fathers in its Fren(he) wellness sub-page! Tisdale confirms there is true power in uplifting all people who might engage with the brand.

BeingFrenshe represents a new era of trend-conscious marketing and influential branding. With a focus on trend disruption, integrated media, and an editorial content marketing experience, Ashley Tisdale’s brand offers a fresh and innovative perspective on skincare and fragrance. Through her commitment to empowering female entrepreneurs, uplifting diverse voices, and providing a visually appealing website experience, Tisdale showcases the true power of a creatively analytical approach in the world of business. Discover the transformative world of BeingFrenshe and experience the benefits of self-care and wellness through scent.

TLDR? Check the Rulebreaker Insta to see how we would implement our signature marketing strategy for a Being Frenshe campaign

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